Travel booking portal

The portal was developed from scratch on the WordPress system. ХерсON company is one of the leaders in the tourism industry of Ukraine - more than 30,000 events are held every year. The company had an old website, our task was to create a completely new website for buying tickets to various events online with a restructured structure and integrate the website with the Odoo CRM CRM system.


Our list of works:

-  creating the structure of the website and development of the architecture with a team of seo specialists and the team of the ХерсON project

- markup developing of the new project design at all sizes (desktop, tablet, mobile)

- architecture creation and implementation of a wordpress theme

- developing of a smart event search system

- developing of a module for integration with the WayForPay payment system

- developing of an event management module, which made it possible to create event templates and generate many single events according to the certain parameters.

all single events could be controlled from the event template (change parameters, delete, change dates or price)

- creation of custom post types (tours, events)

- implementation of a flexible content system for tours and other pages (the ability to arrange content blocks in any order on the page), while the table of content is automatically rebuilt itself.

- full two-way integration with the Odoo CRM system via WP REST API

- exchange of events with Odoo CRM (creation of events and registration of participants)

- automatic matching of events from Odoo CRM

- implementation of different types of events (paid, application and individual events)

- developing of a system of certificates and integration of certificates with Odoo CRM

- implementation of the system of an abandoned basket of applications

- developing of an event calendar with instant rendering of event dates in it, an optimized structure for storing events was developed, which made it possible to achieve a high speed of rendering events in the calendar

- seo website optimization

- optimization of page speed load, optimization of queries to the database server

- implementation of multilingualism using WPML

- setting up a GIT version control system on a project

- installation and configuration of a VPS server (firewall, penetration test)

- transferring a project to a VPS server

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